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Artist Liz VonBorden repurposes tiny knives, adding layers or chains and tiny red beads mimicking dripping blood, to create the fun one-of-a-kind statement necklaces. Each piece is hand-made meaning that no two are alike. The knives are purchased from thrift stores around the country, and each chain and tiny bead are meticulously added by hand. Each necklace takes several hours to create.


This piece does have a bit of weight to it when worn as the knife is real (not sharpened, but certainly not for children, corners are still a bit pokey). Chain measures 18" with 6" length for the knife, giving 24" neck space.


Earrings sold separately, made to order.

VonBorden Butcher Knife Necklace

  • I am happy to exchange or replace in the event of damage or quality that does not meet your expectations. Must be initiated within 14 days of receiving; original must be returned to get a replacement item.

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