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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get tattooed?

To begin the process you should first review everyone's portfolios to get an idea of the styles of tattoos each artist works in before going to the REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT page and filling out the consult form. Please be very thorough in your descriptions.

Kristin Books out anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months depending upon the tattoo and current availabilities.


Liz books in small blocks just a few weeks at a time, and otherwise keeps a wait list. Average wait times for new projects are 12-18 months, due to this Liz only takes on new projects in realism, neotraditional, & new school styles (no watercolor, mandala/lace patterns, tribal, or Japanese traditional). All smaller projects in styles outside of her specialties are referred to someoen else in the studio or within a reasonable driving distance if there is an artist elsewhere that we think would be a perfect fit for your project. This doesn't mean that she is too good for or not interested in your projects, it's because she doesn't want you to have to wait that long for your smaller pieces when you don't have to, and she wants you to get the very best work you can!

PLEASE NOTE: While the ladies love meeting clients in person, time in the studio is limited & valuable and so in-person consultations will be scheduled for a $60 fee. This fee does NOT go towards your tattoo, it is to cover the time that they could be tattooing. If you would rather not pay to talk, please fill out a consultation form, or message the shop Facebook page. After an in-person consultation, you will still be required to send your reference material either to email OR Facebook... remember, you are working with one artist, each artist is working with hundreds of clients and potential clients... it gets tough to remember it all without reference! 

Deposits may be required in order to secure an appointment. Just asking for a specific day and time does not guarantee it is yours; until the deposit is paid it can be taken by another client. Deposits are dependent upon the time required for the specific tattoo and will therefore vary from piece to piece. Payment can be made in person with cash, or online via paypal or venmo. Deposits go towards the cost of your tattoo, and are nonrefundable should you no-show, or cancel/reschedule on short notice (less than 48 hours before your appointment time). 

If you are booking an appointment for a guest spot or convention, there will be a 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot. The deposit goes towards your tattoo, however if you miss your appointment, cancel or ask to reschedule on short notice (less than 48 hours) you will forfeit your deposit.

From there your form will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation email shortly after. Each artist handles all of her own emails, social media, and artwork in addition to tattooing so it may take several days to receive a confirmation email, please be patient.

Can I see my artwork before my appointment?

Each artist works a bit differently, and design times can vary depending upon how designs for appointments booked ahead of you are going.


Liz usually works on designs the day before an appointment so it is typically shown day-of to the client. If it is preferred that you see it sooner, please be sure to make it known so that she can do her best to make it happen.

Kristin will often send artwork in advance, but it is dependent upon how far out you are booked.

I'm getting a realistic looking tattoo, can I see a sketch of my tattoo?

The photo reference of your realism tattoo is your "artwork". That is what it will look like unless other differences are discussed in advance.

What if I can't keep my appointment?

That's ok, life happens! But please email or message the Facebook page at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to notify your artist that you are unable to keep it. In the event that you do not do so, you will forfeit your deposit and another will be required to reschedule; remember the point of a deposit is to cover the artist's time that you booked. If you no-call no-show a Saturday appointment with Liz, you will not be able to reschedule for another Saturday as they are the busiest day of the week and typically book out several months.

Can I book an appointment outside of your standard hours?

The studio hours are set to ensure that our artist have time off work like everyone else and so they are generally not flexible. However, if circumstances require it, an appointment may be scheduled outside of the studio's regular posted hours.

If booking outside of standard hours with Kristin, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the appointment, and rates are increased to $160/hour

If booking outside of standard hours with Liz, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the appointment, and rates are increased to $250/hour.

Are there any types of tattoos that you don't do?

Liz is happy to accommodate many styles, however she does not do tribal or tribal-like designs (ie solid colored bands or other large, flat, solid-filled pieces). She won't do any all-white tattoos as they simply do not hold up well. She does not do any inner lip tattoos. It's no offense to you as an individual, but mouths are gross. Liz is no longer taking Archangel Michael defeating the devil (and similarly themed) tattoos. She's got nothing against religious themes, however, after doing several variations of this classical painting over the years she's found that it really just doesn't translate well as a black and gray tattoo. As stated above, she no longer takes any new projects in lettering, watercolor, mandala/lace/sacred geometry, or Japanese traditional.

Kristin does not work in realism, Japanese traditional, or sacred geometry styles.

All artists reserve the right to refuse a project for any reason. We will not take projects that are discriminatory, racists, sexist, or otherwise offensive. 

When you send pictures of tattoos that you like, those are NOT the tattoo you will be getting. We will not steal someone else's design and simply copy-paste it onto you, that is unfair to the original artist and their client, and to YOU. We will use the concept to create you your own unique-to-you tattoo design. 

What if my project isn't accepted?

There are many talented artists out there! If our artists think that your project is better suited for another artist, they are more than happy to refer you to someone within OR outside of the studio who is a better fit.

Are there any "Flash" designs for me to choose from for my next tattoo?

Yes! All of our artists have pre-designed ideas that they would LOVE to tattoo! Please check out their Facebook pages,,, and to see designs for sale.

Can I buy the original art or a print?

Yes! You can message the Black Sheep Studios Facebook page, or stop by the studio to see it all in person.

How much do you charge hourly?

Liz's rates start at $200/hour. Kristin's rates start at $100/hour. Deni's rates start at $150/hour.

However, this is just a starting point. Prices are dependent on several factors including subject matter, complexity of design, amount of detail, size, and location of the tattoo.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes! However it is always recommended to make an appointment since that is the only way to guarantee a spot.

Do tattoos hurt?


Do I have to fill out a consultation form?

Yes, it will answer many of the initial questions that our artists would otherwise have for you and help begin the conversation to get you the tattoo that you want. If you prefer to chat via Facebook, please message one of our artist pages or the Black Sheep Studios page (artist pages are @PoisonAppleTats, @TheSingingTattooist). Do NOT creep on our private pages, you WILL be ignored. Remember, business owners need personal space like everyone else. When you message one of our artist pages or the shop page, please include a detailed description of what you would like, where, how big, if you would like it in color or black and gray, and if you have a specific budget in mind. Feel free to include some reference images of styles and subject matter you like for the project, but remember, they will NOT be putting any of those exact images on you. 

Payment Options?

Cash is always preferred, but we are all independent contractors, so check with your artist ahead of time to discss payment options.

Can I book an appointment for April 24th, 2028?

We all prefer to book in shorter chunks to keep ourselves organized, allow for personal time (we're all human after all!), and to accommodate timely touch ups and reschedules. 

How much for piercings?

At this time Black Sheep Studios does not have a licensed piercer on staff. However, Liz is very knowledgeable in the area if you have any questions regarding the process, aftercare, keloid treatment, etc. The studio also does not sell any retail jewelry at this time.

What's your phone number?

We don't have a phone. There is no receptionist so if we are tattooing (which we almost always are), we are unable to unglove and answer the phone every time it rings... we would get nothing done! Our clients are paying for our time tattooing them, not for our time answering phones.

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