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About Liz

Liz VonBorden has been tattooing since early 2015, and has been an artist her entire life. She grew up in Ohio, drawing in charcoal and graphite with a special love for realism and portrait work. After high school she moved to Las Vegas for a short period, before moving to Chicago and attending the Illinois Institute of Art and earning her BFA in Visual Communications. VonBorden worked as a graphic designer, both corporate and freelance, for several years before becoming a tattoo artist. She uses her knowledge of composition and design when planning her tattoos to better suit the individual client’s body. Her love for realism has followed from paper to skin, and continues to grow into its own unique style. If you’re looking for high attention to detail and portrait style realism look no further.


You can follow Liz VonBorden on Facebook @BlackSheepStudiosSparta, and Instagram & TikTok @LizVonBorden​

About Kristin "Poison Apple"

Poison Apple has been tattooing since late 2020. She previously had a career in animal welfare, working for animal control and various shelters around the country. Always having an interest in art, when given the opportunity to properly learn and pursue it as a career, she didn't hesitate to take it. She has a whimsical style and enjoys tattooing black & gray illustrative florals, and bold cartoon characters.


You can follow Kristin on Facebook and Instagram @PoisonAppleTats

About Deni the Singing Artist

Deni is from Black River Falls WI and has been tattooing since 2018. She loves doing coverup tattoos and reworking older pieces. She LOVES anything spooky or witchy; adores floral and botanical pieces; and is obsessed with fandom tattoos... think anything Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Supernatural, cartoon characters and more! Deni loves working in illustrative, neo trad, traditional &some realism styles too. Just a couple of fun facts... she's a bit of a karaoke junkie and very involved with the community.

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