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Artwork on Display in National Exhibit

Artists reveal the unknown at Woodstock, Illinois

'If You Only Knew' national exhibit

I am so excited for what 2018 has already brought and the prospects for the next ten months! I started the year off by submitting work to be a part of a national exhibit in Woodstock, IL. The theme of the show being "If You Only Knew" gave artists a chance to tell a secret through their work. Some of the secrets dug deep into the pasts of the creators, while others were simply the "secret ingredient" used to create the artwork itself. We had a beautiful and bustling opening night full of networking and inspiration. Unfortunately the show has closed, but I promise that there will be many more exciting events for you to catch me at this year!

“As part of “If You Only Knew,” more than 30 featured artists wrote letters revealing something secret, unknown or surprising about themselves or their work.” Those who attended were given those letters, and could either share the stories or keep the contents secret.

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